Zenfolio | Frances Furr | Sinestesia Collection

The main idea for Sinestesia was to create something to share. I wanted to make something that would play well within the amazing Drum and Bass scene here in Puerto Rico. There is something really fantastic about the experience of music and art together, especially within the altered atmospheres that a party creates. The heavy rhythmic beats of Drum and Bass music accompanied by intense dancing allows for a more meditative experience with the art. We can allow ourselves to enter into a trance state and explore deeper regions of the mind and spirit.
I make art to express what I’m feeling and by doing this I usually end up with a better understanding of myself, and what I’m experiencing. I also make art because I want to share and I want to inspire people to explore their own interior landscapes.

I feel like the whole visionary arts movement that’s happening right now is bringing spirituality back into the art world. The concept of ‘Art for art’s sake’ is no longer relevant within the oversaturated world of social media and advertising where we are constantly bombarded with images and sound bites. To reclaim the independence of our spirit we must reclaim our visions of the world through art. Art is the greatest tool we have to educate and inspire the people around us.

I’m a psychonaut, which means I use altered states of consciousness to gain deeper insights into spiritual experiences. It’s like being an astronaut except instead of exploring outer-space I explore inner-space. There is a lot going on inside our own heads… whole universes to explore. And just like exploring outer-space not everyone needs to travel there for all of us to gain an understanding of what it is.
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