Zenfolio | Frances Furr | Moksha Family Prism - Miami
I started looking through the prism to reconnect with the magical world I love. Looking at the world through the prism reminds me that it’s a state of mind and not a place. It’s a conscious decision to change the way we look at the world, to change our lens from the inside out. We have many different eyes, many perspectives, and one unifying spirit. With photography we have an opportunity not only to document our world but to reimagine it.

The Moksha Family Arts Collective in Miami Florida has been an important part of my artistic journey. The Moksha Art Fair during Art Basel Miami brings together the best visionary artists, musicians, authors, and scientists from around the world. This collection of photographs expresses the collective spirit of those involved in creating such an inspiring and important cultural event.
Dennis McKenna - Author - EthnopharmacologistDennis McKenna (Digital Art by Frances Furr)Alex GreyAlex Grey (Digital Art by Frances Furr)Allyson GreyAllyson Grey (Digital Art by Frances Furr)Alex & Allyson GreyMark Henson (Digital Art by Frances Furr)Monti Henson (Digital Art by Frances Furr)Mark & Monti HensonKen AdamsRandal RobertsRandal RobertsRandal Roberts (Digital Art by Frances Furr)Olivia CurryAlvaro SantamariaJonathan SastoqueVisionary Art Panel - Moksha Art Fair 2013Visionary Art Panel - Moksha Art Fair 2013Visionary Art Panel - Moksha Art Fair 2013